Estates & Trusts

Family planning is very key in protecting your family and/or loved ones, regarding financial matters and unforeseen circumstances. Estate and Trusts laws vary from state to state, but also important to understand, those items left behind where there is no legal standing or guidance as to how to disburse those efforts, governments could take ownership and most importantly, said matters could impose unneeded stress to your family.  Our Estate and Trust practices includes:


  • Wealth Planning

  • Estate Administration

  • Trust Administration 

  • Wills and Last Testaments

  • Trusts and Living Trusts

  • Probate

  • Medical Powers of Attorney

  • DNR Orders and Advance Directives


Our individual clients include entrepreneurs, corporate executives, hedge, philanthropists, real estate investors and developers, accountants, medical professionals, artists, collectors, authors, composers, and musicians.

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Massiah & Associates is a law firm that provides legal services to corporate clients and individuals in metro Atlanta. We specialize in Business Law, Family Law, Real Estate/Property Law, and Wills, Estates & Trusts.



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